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The son has risen. Now it's time for the father to shine. Moving forward sometimes means looking back. If you missed Pepe, now’s your real second chance to catch the hype... through the frog who fathered him!

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Contrary to popular belief, pepe the frog wasn 't always the slacker stoner icon everyone has come to know him to be. No. believe it or not, pepe grew up in an ultra-conservative household under the guidance of a truly noble and wise amphibian... his father, Papi.

Papi wasn 't a strict dad at all. he was an affectionate one, never failing to shower his kid with love every chance he got, imparting life lessons here and there, always ready to remind his son to always choose right over wrong. Papi And pepe 's bond was stronger than anything that time can ever break.

But there came a day when pepe had to move out of the nest to carve his own path in life. With tears in his eyes, Papi bid his son farewell with a final reminder: never ever forget everything that he taught him. Pepe promised he wouldn 't.

Until weed fucked up his mind, causing momentary but frequent bouts of amnesia, to the point that he sometimes couldn 't even remember his own name.

But deep inside, pepe has a solid character, and that 's all thanks to the man who sired him, the man who made him into the frog that, uhm, he 's supposed to be.

Papi. Pepe 's daddy.
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